Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I transfer my movie film and video tapes?

Why risk losing your precious memories to a natural disaster or heat and moisture related issues. Video Memories offers 2 ways to keep your footage safe. First by transferring the footage to high-quality DVDs and second by downloading a digital file accessed through your account profile.

Is my film and tapes safe to send through the mail?

We have partnered with FED EX the most trusted delivery service in the world. Every package is tracked from door to door. Every memory you send us is individually tagged inside our secure facility.

How many feet of film fit onto a DVD?

16mm film 4000ft – 8mm film 2000ft. Per DVD

Can you repair/splice old film?

Yes, we repair it to be processed for your conversion.

What if my film is damaged?

We try to transfer any film, but if the sprocket holes are damaged, it may not be possible.

What type of transfer system do you use?

We use a proprietary conversion direct to digital file system. This converts your film with the highest quality image possible.

Do you clean the film?

Yes, if needed, we will clean and dust off any particles that may be on your film.

If my film is too dark or too light, can you do anything to fix that?

We do try to brighten up the image, or lower the brightness if possible to make a better image.

Can you fix any film that has double exposure or is out of focus?

No, there is no way to fix either of these issues.

Do you offer color correction?

Yes, all of our films are run through a color correcting process for the best possible image.

Does my film have sound?

There was sound available only on 16mm or Super 8 film, and the way to determine if your film does have sound is to look for a thin gold strip along the side of the film, which indicates an audio track.

Do you edit the film?

Yes, we edit out any blank spots where there is no image and of course, the white leader is not converted.

Where is the conversion process performed?

We convert your film here in our secure studio, located in Elmhurst, Illinois.

Can my film be converted in the order that I want?

In order to convert the film in a specific order, you would need to number each box or reel in the order you would like them to be converted.

Do I get my film and tapes back?

Yes, all of your film and tapes are returned to you, intact, on their original reels via FedEx delivery.

How many DVD's does a VHS, Beta or Digital 8MM tape require?

A standard DVD will hold up to 2hrs of footage. If your VHS was recorded using the LP or SLP mode, you may need up to 3 DVDs for that media.

If my tape is broke can you fix it?

Yes, we have a tape repair service to fix most forms of media. Please call for a quote.

I have a tape from Europe can you convert it to DVD?

Yes, we can convert any tape from anywhere in the world.

I have a SD card in my camera can you convert it to DVD?

Yes, we can please call for a quote.

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